Case Study – Ije Amaechi – Mark’s journey of self-confidence in singing and playing the piano

8 March, 2019

I’ve been teaching Mark, a year 10 student, at an Education Support Centre (ESC/ Pupil Referral Unit, PRU) in Hertfordshire since October 2018. Mark had already been having weekly general music lessons with the music teacher at the ESC, but my additional lessons have focused on singing songs he chooses and learning to play chords […]

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Where do I start with inclusion?

1 March, 2019

MNE’s Lyndall Rosewarne shares her top tips for music services to answer the question – Where Do I Start with Inclusion? Start small – think about what you currently deliver (First Access, one to one lessons, ensembles etc) – could you develop inclusion within this offer? For example, could you offer a follow on musical […]

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Benchmarking Inclusion…Going beyond ‘ But we already do that!’

20 February, 2019

MusicNet East contributed a presentation on Benchmarking Inclusion to the Eastern Region Hubs Heads at the Arts Council building in Cambridge on Wednesday 23rd January. Lyndall Rosewarne described how Changing Tunes is researching development of musical inclusion practice within the core roles of instrumental teaching, and how this is building a new business case for […]

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What Is Inclusion?

23 January, 2019

What is Inclusion? The second meeting of the National Music Service Working Group for Musical Inclusion took place at the Music Mark conference in Kenilworth in November, chaired by MNE strategic lead Lyndall Rosewarne. The meeting began with progress updates from the current four AMIE Changing Tunes partners, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Hertfordshire Music Services. Several hub […]

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Young Hertfordshire Songwriters share the stage with Elena Tonra

19 September, 2018

Young Hertfordshire Songwriters share the stage with Elena Tonra Young Hertfordshire Songwriters shared the stage with Elena Tonra from Daughter at Watford School of Music on 16th August 2018. Currently working on a solo album, Elena generously gave up her time to play her songs, speak about how she wrote them, and to listen to […]

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MusicNet East 2015-2018 outcomes

16 May, 2018

Our current three-year strategic partnership with Youth Music has come to an end so a perfect time to celebrate MusicNet East achievements. It’s been a fascinating and challenging three years, with some great outcomes and lots of learning that we can take forward to the next phase of the project MusicNet East: Changing Tunes which […]

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