Ukulele hockets – a fun and inclusive way to teach music

29 September, 2016

Hockets through history Hockets are where each person plays one note and combines with others to play riffs and tunes. They are found in medieval music, in the English Folk handbell tradition, in, prog rock and also in African Music. Ethnomusicologist John Blacking famously once compared how the Venda of the North Transvaal taught music […]

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Musical Inclusion CPD day September 2016

14 September, 2016

As we prepare to embark on year 2 of the MusicNet East project we brought together a group of music tutors and school teachers who have been helping us deliver the work in year 1 and will be joining us in year 2, t0 reflect on the project so far, find out more about the project […]

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In-school music mentoring example at Monks Walk School

8 May, 2016

In-school music mentoring example at Monks Walk School In-school music mentoring utilises the one to one relationship peripatetic tutors have with their students. The peripatetic tutor is often the only regular 1-1 contact young people have with adults in schools, and as such is well placed to pick up and pass on information related to […]

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What Is Music Mentoring?

6 May, 2016

Music Mentoring is a coaching relationship that uses music to build confidence in learning. It’s time bound and involves goal setting, with pupils involved in setting the goals. This gives pupils a chance to personalise their learning, by, as far as possible, giving them a choice in what they learn and how. It’s teaching music for […]

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Routes Into Teaching – World Music Day – Review

1 March, 2016

Stevenage Music Centre Facilitators: Michael Davidson (ukulele), Simon Steptoe (gamelan), Caz Wolfson (taiko) Building on the success of previous Routes Into Teaching events, MusicNet East and Hertfordshire Music Service ran a Routes Into Teaching World Music Day on Friday 5th February at Stevenage Music Centre. Twenty musicians, instrumental teachers, workshop leaders and students from Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, […]

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Feedback loops

15 February, 2016

Written by: Mark Howe This week was the third and final session of a family junk percussion course I’m running at Stevenage Music Centre for MusicNet East.  There were three main aims, to consolidate the experience and learning so far, to introduce and play ukuleles and for the participants to perform to themselves in smaller […]

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